We are the Driveway specialists!

Digwork have completed thousands of driveways, paths and patios for Canterbury homes and businesses. We are experts in driveways and offer a complete range of driveways solutions for commercial and residential properties. 


Whether the project is for a new build, to add an additional area or to repair a damaged path or driveway, we must remove the existing driveway, path or patio and prepare the surface through excavation and levelling. The new surface can be laid and finished within a few days in most cases. 

There are so many options available, as shown in our project photos below. Our team will work with you to provide a great result! 

Exposed Aggregate


A very popular choice of concrete driveway for modern, established homes is exposed aggregate. This is where concrete is mixed with pebbles, small stones, or other chip, and then the smooth concrete top is removed or polished down to show the beauty and colours of the chosen driveway surface material.

Choose from a range of colours and chip / pebble / small stone sizes to form your aggregate concrete driveway surface. 


Plain Concrete


Keep it simple with a concrete path or driveway. 




Asphalt is a high performance option that has a softer look than concrete but a darker finish. It can be driven over almost immediately following installation. 


Stamped & Coloured Concrete


Choose from either stamped concrete, cut concrete or coloured concrete with a sponge finish.


The finished result can look a lot like pavers, but without the loss of strength, or maintenance issues that pavers can create.


Chip Driveways


A cost effective option, there are a range of different stone chips that you can use, including greywacky and limestone chip. 


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